Broadcasting is really too important to be left to the broadcasters.

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  • Interactive Livestreams Interactive Livestreams

    Interactive Livestreams

    A livestream should be more than just a TV-show on the internet. We think that involving your audience directly gets viewers more engaged and excited. Having viewers solve a murder-mystery in real time in the comfort of their own home? Seeing viewers spam the chat to pop CO2 cannons live on stage with Martin Garrix? Leave it to the doctors. We build interactive live experiences for customers like GoSpooky, Amazon Prime Video, Vertigo6, Twitch and Red Bull.

  • Multicam Multicam

    Cinematic Multicam

    We bring cinematic multi camera experiences live from all over Europe. With a background in traditional broadcast we are now on the forefront of running the most demanding esports productions. Our custom solutions can help you broadcast your virtual conference or event while involving your audience in unique ways.

  • IRL+ Backpack IRL+ Backpack

    IRL+ Backpack

    We build livestreaming backpacks! Take your viewers with you on all your adventures. Our backpacks have been live from planes, trains, cars and bars around the globe. Our IRL+ sceneswitcher makes sure your stream stays up even if you run into unexpected trouble. We have close connections with operators in Europe and can help you get set-up with attractive data plans. Backpacks are available for rental from Amsterdam or we can build one just for you.

    Streams Currently Live With The IRL+ Backpack

  • Remote Production Remote Production

    Remote Production

    Taking in feeds from all around the world we run full-scale productions from our flexible control room in Amsterdam. Our setup can adapt to any production and we've broadcast safe virtual conferences, esports qualifiers and more during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who Are We?

A group of professionals from broadcast and IT with an incredible passion for creating unique interactive live experiences. We love to dream up impossible stuff and then make it happen. If you have a crazy idea and you want it to happen live, you should definitely shoot us a message.

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The Doctors

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