Levi’s Perfect StrikeRed Bull

  • Commissioned by Red Bull
  • Brand Red Bull
  • Campaign Levi's Perfect Strike

When Red Bull decided to host a unique FIFA event, they turned to none other than Levi de Weerd, the Netherland’s top FIFA player. Known for his deft maneuvering on the virtual pitch, de Weerd conceived an exciting concept – an esports tournament revolving solely around the nail-biting excitement of penalty shootouts. No regular matches, just raw penalty pressure.

Staged at the Westerunie in Amsterdam, this tournament brought together a constellation of pro players for this one-of-a-kind event. They weren’t just there for the competition; they were there for a celebration of FIFA finesse. We created an atmosphere of pure gaming euphoria, with unique and entertaining challenges to keep the eliminated contestants engrossed.

But we weren’t content with just a standard stream. Oh no, we kicked it up a notch, capturing every thrilling moment with a state-of-the-art FPV drone. Equipped with a cutting-edge transmitter, we soared above the action, broadcasting seamless aerial footage live on Twitch. The drone offered a fresh perspective on the event, adding a dynamic layer to the viewing experience.

With adrenaline-fueled competition, unique challenges, and innovative broadcasting technology, we raised the bar for esports broadcasting. The event was more than a tournament; it was a celebration of FIFA gaming, capturing the imagination of viewers and setting a new benchmark for interactive esports experiences. This is how we score big in the esports world!