Reveal A523Alpine

  • Commissioned by Alpine
  • Brand Alpine
  • Campaign Reveal A523

We hit the high-speed lane when we facilitated a live stream for the Alpine F1 Team featuring content creator THOMB during the Reveal A523.

This event was no ordinary live stream. It was an adrenaline-filled spectacle held at the iconic Printworks London, known for its industrial charm and ample space, perfect for showcasing something as grandiose as a Formula 1 car. THOMB was the chosen maestro, orchestrating the unveiling of Alpine F1’s latest engineering marvel, their brand-new Formula 1 car – the A523, all while being broadcast live on Twitch.

A virtual crowd of fans, tuning in from all corners of the globe, sat at the edge of their seats, their anticipation palpable through the screen. As the sleek, aerodynamic silhouette of the A523 came into view, a wave of excitement surged through the audience. The cutting-edge vehicle, with its promise of speed and precision, truly made a grand debut.

Our expertise in high-quality production and timing came to the fore in making this broadcast an unforgettable one. Navigating through the event’s high stakes and fast-paced energy, we ensured that this high-octane broadcast not only reached viewers worldwide but also ignited their passion for racing, leaving them eagerly awaiting the upcoming F1 season. We helped transform this vehicle unveiling into a virtual spectacle, demonstrating that even in a digital age, the thrill of Formula 1 lives on.