The Terminal ListPrime Video

  • Commissioned by GoSpooky & Amazon Prime Video
  • Brand Amazon Prime Video
  • Campaign The Terminal List

We raised the streaming bar when we orchestrated an immersive live stream for Amazon Prime Video Germany, promoting the gripping new series “The Terminal List”.

There’s promoting a show, and then there’s immersing viewers in the world of that show. When Amazon Prime Video Germany approached us with the task of promoting their new series, “The Terminal List”, we chose the path less traveled. Our goal wasn’t just to stir interest in the series; we aimed to elevate the viewer experience, driving them right into the heart of the story.

In a setting straight out of a NAVY Seal thriller, we took over an abandoned factory and transformed it into an intricate, escape room-style challenge. Our participants were some of the top German Twitch streamers, tasked with solving a series of puzzles meticulously designed to reflect the essence of “The Terminal List”.

The twist in our tale? The puzzles could only be solved with the assistance of the Twitch chat. Yes, viewers at home became an integral part of the adventure, their insights invaluable in cracking the puzzles. A select few even joined in with their webcams. This unique, interactive element added an extra layer of suspense to the live stream, with fans actively participating in the unfolding drama.

In true cinematic style, the location was expertly tailored to echo the atmospheric aesthetics of the series. From the abandoned factory’s eerie vibe to the carefully crafted puzzles, we aimed for an immersive experience that captivated viewers from the start. This engaging live stream not only drove subscribers for Prime Video but also set records for engagement and new followers to the PrimeVideoDE Twitch channel.