Wheel Of TimePrime Video

  • Commissioned by GoSpooky & Amazon Prime Video
  • Brand Amazon prime Video
  • Campaign Wheel Of Time

When Amazon Prime Video needed to create buzz for the new series, “Wheel of Time”, in Germany and The Netherlands, we pulled out all the stops. Our mission? To produce a live stream event that not only promoted the series but also drove subscriptions for Prime Video. And what better way to do that than turning the entire spectacle into a grand adventure?

Video by GoSpooky

Our approach

For this immersive escapade, we rented an entire castle – yes, you read that right, a castle! – to create an environment straight out of a high fantasy novel. Inside its atmospheric walls, we had popular streamers face a series of ingeniously designed puzzles, each one inspired by the captivating world of the Wheel of Time.

But there was a twist. To unravel these riddles, our intrepid streamers needed some assistance. Selected fans, privileged to be a part of this live event, offered their insights, but the real game-changer was the involvement of the Twitch audience. By engaging viewers at home through the Twitch chat, we managed to make them an integral part of the puzzle-solving process, intensifying the thrill of the live event.

Every prop, every riddle was meticulously crafted, transforming the castle into a realm of enigmas waiting to be solved. This interactive live stream was not just about promoting a show; it was about creating an unforgettable journey for viewers and participants alike. And the best part? It successfully drove the curiosity and interest in Prime Video’s Wheel of Time series, boosting subscriber numbers in both regions. Now that’s what we call a ‘puzzling’ success!