Breathing life into brands through innovative live concepts and broadcasts, Streamdoctors has been your go-to creative powerhouse since 2018. Our boundless creativity thrives at the crossroads of talent and expertise, delivering unmatched live experiences across the digital realm. With a team of maestros in Interactive Content, Live Streaming, Broadcast Technology, and Platform Strategy, we collaborate seamlessly to elevate your brand’s presence on a global scale. Entrust your live content ambitions to Streamdoctors, as we operate from the cutting edge, orchestrating unforgettable moments in real time.


  • Daniel Lippens

    Daniel Lippens

  • Sydney Smit

    Sydney Smit

  • Ward Geene

    Ward Geene



  • Deep Twitch knowledge

    Diving deep into the Twitch-verse, we’ve cracked the code on what makes this platform tick.

  • Gaming

    With our knowledge of the gaming space we can help you orchestrate all these moving parts into a beautiful symphony.

  • Innovative broadcast

    We take POV drones straight to a live broadcast. Using cutting-edge transmitters we can grab insane pictures live from just about anywhere.

  • Cinematic live

    When stuff is happening live you don’t have the luxury of touching it up in post production. That’s why we make it look like a movie on the first try.

  • Engagement

    Yeah you have the audience but have you got the engagement? We specialize in designing experiences where viewers can influence the action.


SAN Accent 2023 – Financial Services – Just Mental Health Hour – in association with The Invaders

AMMA Award 2023 – Best smart impact – Just Mental Health Hour – in association with The Invaders

Lovie Award 2022 – Silver – Experimental & Innovation – Wheel of Time – in association with GoSpooky

Who we work with

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