JBL SnowpartyJBL

  • Commissioned by GoSpooky & JBL
  • Brand JBL
  • Campaign JBL Snowparty

When audio giants JBL and superstar DJ Martin Garrix teamed up for a live event, we knew we had to raise the bar. Set against the snowy backdrop of Val Thorens, our mission was to deliver a show that would not only entertain the lucky fans present but also mesmerize viewers tuning in from home. How did we do it? We made it interactive, integrating the power of the audience into the heart of the performance.

The challenges

Despite the snowstorm, the show had to go on. As Martin Garrix unleashed his electrifying beats, fans not only braved the blizzard but danced their hearts out, their energy echoing off the majestic mountains. But this was no ordinary live gig – we broadcasted this exhilarating event on Instagram and TikTok, bringing the snow-capped excitement to vertical screens worldwide.

Now, here’s where it got really cool. Viewers at home weren’t just spectators; they became an integral part of the live show. Through our innovative tech solutions, they could trigger special on-stage effects. With a simple click, they could send CO2 cannons blasting into the sky or launch confetti streamers into the air, enhancing the spectacle in real-time.

This interactive feature not only provided an additional layer of excitement but also gave viewers a sense of control over the event, bridging the gap between the live audience and those at home. Martin Garrix’s unforgettable performance, enhanced by JBL’s world-class sound and our interactive broadcasting magic, created a live event that was a hit on the mountain and on social media platforms.