Who Knows ChatTwitchCon

  • Commissioned by Twitch
  • Brand TwitchCon
  • Campaign Who Knows Chat

We brought the fun and excitement to TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022 with Who Knows Chat. A inventive live game show that has contestants guessing the pulse of Twitch chat. Featuring eight contestants, the challenge is to predict the most popular answers given by Twitch chat on various questions.

One such question was, “What’s the best game ever made?”. To make it truly interactive, we’ve partnered with our friends at LUVI GAMES to develop a custom Twitch extension that allows viewers to submit their answers in real-time. As the answers roll in, we tally the most common responses and then prompt our on-stage contestants to guess the top picks. The higher an answer ranks on the board, the more points the contestants score. Broadcasted live on Twitch, Who Knows Chat struck a chord with fans both at home and in the theatre, proving to be a resounding hit that left everyone wanting more.