ReacherPrime Video

  • Commissioned by GoSpooky & Amazon Prime Video
  • Brand Amazon Prime Video
  • Campaign Reacher

When Amazon Prime Video Germany wanted a fresh and interactive way to launch their new series, “Reacher”, we knew it had to be something unique. Cue a detective-inspired stream, where viewers and creator Niekbeats found themselves in the middle of a live murder mystery.

Niekbeats, our detective of the day, had a daunting task ahead. He had to unravel a complex murder mystery, with fellow Twitch streamers joining in via Discord as the potential suspects. Each suspect brought a different piece to the puzzle, their stories full of intrigue and deception. It was up to Niek and the audience to sieve through the evidence, decode cryptic clues and expose the true perpetrator.

But the audience wasn’t merely a passive spectator in this whodunit. We ensured they were integral to the investigation process, involving them deeply in the gameplay. Their detective skills were put to the test as they helped Niek examine the clues and interrogate the suspects. The engagement skyrocketed as viewers became a part of the live action, fervently contributing their theories and deductions to the discussion.

The riveting stream left viewers on the edge of their seats, actively participating in the detective drama. This wasn’t just a promotion for “Reacher” – it was an engaging, thrilling mystery that echoed the spirit of the series. We successfully transformed viewers into detectives, and in doing so, raised the bar for audience engagement in live streaming. Now, that’s how you crack a case!