• Commissioned by Unilever & The Brand Father
  • Brand Magnum
  • Campaign #notavailableinthemetaverse

Some pleasures (like biting into a delicious Magnum ice cream) are only available to Pleasure Seekers in the real world. To encourage people to step away from their screens and experience some of life’s real-world pleasures, Magnum launched their first wearable gadget in the metaverse – virtual VR goggles. How can we translate this message of the Magnum Metaverse campaign to the live streaming platform Twitch, where creators and viewers spend a lot of time together behind their computer screens?

Our approach

Communities are very important for creators on Twitch. As they engage online the streaming platform and Discord for hours on end and build relationships, community is everything. Going offline can result in loss of income and waning of community. Being present online and present at the center of their community is vital.

But there are moments creators and their community go offline and spend time together. Which is why they tend to organize offline events for their moderators and viewers. Because spending time online is great, but spending time together in the real world is gold. As a result they stengthen their bond as a community.

Based on this insight we created an interactive experience on Twitch where the creators and their fans engaged with the #notavailableinthemetaverse campaign film and platform. Everyone got the chance to experience the pleasure of the new flavours Double Starchaser and Double Sunlover and creators set up a contest where fans could win the ultimate reward: experiencing thrills and pleasures together, offline.